Dynastic Unions

There are several cases in my family history of siblings from one family marrying into their in-law’s families. In the days of large families, and no Internet Dating it made sense, and presumably the elders of both families approved.

In some cases it might throw some light on how some of the couples met.

This is a work in progress – to help untangle the complex parts of the tree. Some further research is needed to complete it.

Lines and Fitzhenry

Benjamin Fitzhenry and Mary Ann Lines

On 31st July 1875 Benjamin Fitzhenry married Mary Ann Lines. He was a Printers Warehouseman, like his father Michael. Her father was Abel Lines, a man of many trades, Porter, Skin Duster, Smith and Toolmaker.

I don’t have her marriage certificate or 1871 Census (although she was not with her parents by then). From my Uncle Tim’s records she was a Housemaid at 100, Guildford Street, St Pancras in 1871.

In 1871he was living, working as a Printers Assistant, with his widowed mother (who worked as a Laundress) at 38, East Street, Holborn.

Joseph Lines and Jane Fitzhenry

On 30th June 1877 Joseph Lines married Jane Fitzhenry

Box, Braund and Williams

This is more complex as it is cousins rather than siblings marrying.

John Box and Elizabeth Braund

On 9th June 1814 John Box married Elizabeth Braund.

William Braund Box and Rosina Williams

On 10th February 1845 William Braund Box, son of John Box, married Rosina Willams, daughter of Christina Babcock Braund, sister of Elizabeth Braund. Christina was his aunt, who died in 1834, as described in Whatever happened to the WIlliams sisters.

John Bernard Lang Braund and Christiana WIlliams

In 1879 John Bernard Lang Braund, son of James Braund, brother of Elizabeth Braund married Christiana Williams, another daugher of Christiana Babcock Braund.

Box and Webster

John Robert Box and Ada Webster

On 6th February 1884 John Robert Box married Ada Webster. His father was William Braund Box, a clockmaker in Clerkenwell and then Edmonton. Her father was William Webster, who catered for City Banquets, and was a Master Baker, so their fathers may have known each other through Guild functions.

Frederick Braund Box and Edith Reitze Webster

On 14th April 1877 Frederick Braund Box married Edith Reitze Webster. Frederick was a younger brother of John Robert, and Edith was the elder sister of Ada.

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