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My main incentive for posting about Family History is the collection of letters and other documents which I inherited am am attempting to curate. I am filling in the gaps by Internet research, but there are some things I have not been able to find. I am listing them on this page so I can find them easily to research at suitable opportunities.


General Webster

Reputed to have been ‘a friend and admirer of General John Burgoyne’ (1722-1792), he was reputed to have named his son William Burgoyne Webster, He was a military man who traveled around a lot.

Having William Lawrence Burgoyne Webster (1867-1869) in the family lends credence to this, but I can’t find the son. The earliest William Webster I have good information about was William Webster (1796-1888), born and baptised in Canterbury.


Was the Harriet G. Wilson (niece – born about 1878) staying with Percival J Webster (1865-1904) in the 1901 Census related to Martha Ellenor Frances Enstone Wilson (abt 1873- ?) – who married Arthur Reuben Webster (1858-1936) on 17 Feb 1901 – his second marriage

When did Bessie Manning (1844- ?) (Arthur Reuben Websters first wife – married 14 May 1882), who had been married to Adolphus Hamilton (1846-1880), die – it must have been after 1891 (when she is in the Census with Arthur) and before 1901 (when he is a widower)


When did Emma May (Born 5 Jan 1852) die, and where was she in the 1871, 1881 and 1901 Censuses (she is with her parents, aged 9 in 1861, and at 4 Chipstead Street in 1911, and Fulham Hospital in 1939.


Is Jane Alexander Bryson who married Sir Arthur Hulin Gosling (Director General of the Forestry Commission and KBE in the 1955 Birthday Honours) in 1931 and died in 1969 related to the Brysons in the family tree ?

How many Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh were nominated by William Thompson

Research Electric Light in Leith (in relation to William Alexander Bryson)


Who was the William Langdon (and his son) who were owners of the Foundry at Marahamchurch. (John Brimmel married an Ann Langdon in 1852).

When did Mr Langdon (the son) sell the Foundry – was it 1856 ?

Who are the C and W Hillman (longstanding employees) who bought the Foundry in 1912.

Where are Henry and Edward Box (owners of the Foundry up to 1886) in the 1881 Census (and the 1891 Census)

Who was living at the Foundry from 1891 onwards ? (or even 1887 onwards).


I have not found a Census record for these Braunds

George Brand (1812-1901) – 1891 – Ann, his wife, and George and Agnes are at Strancliffe, but he is not there.

William Braund (1798-1890) – 1891

Mary Braund (1796-1876) – 1871


Mary Ann Lines (1850-1882)

Census 1871 (working as a housemaid at 100, Guildford Street, St Pancras)

Marriage Certificate to Benjamin Fitzhenry in 1875


  1. Hi – I can clarify some of your questions relating to the Box family of Marhamchurch. The John Box to whom you refer was the son of William Box (1759-1813) & Thomasin ( Heard) of Marhamchurch. John, (bap. 1787) became a clock maker and iron monger in Launceston. Listed in Pigott’s Directory in 1830 and in Pigott’s and Kelly’s Directories 1844 as running ‘an iron mongers and clock making business in Westgate Street.’ I believe this was the John Box who made the model beam engine referred to in the letter of Margaret Box. In 1841 he is listed as living in Marhamchurch with his wife Sarah, five children and his 75 yr old widowed mother Thomasin. John’s brother Thomas Box (1792-1847) is my great- great- grandfather and Thomas’ son Henry (1837-1908) my great- grandfather.

    1. I am fairly certain that John Box married Elizabeth Braund (1793-1849), who was the daughter of William Braund (1766-1840) and Mary Grace Badcock (1772-1843). Braund appears as a middle name in their eldest son (William Braund Box) and daughter (Mary Ann Braund Box). I think it was Daniel Box, married to Sarah Rider who was living in Marhamchurch in 1841, with Thomasin, and children John, Thomas, Henry and Mary. I am beginning to think that my mothers references to Sarah Pope are a red herring and that John was indeed the son of William Box and Thomasine Heard, and brother to Thomas, and Daniel. I have found John Box as a Clockmaker in Launceston in 1830 at

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