A better kitchen bin

Like many people, we have a kitchen waste bin, with a plastic cannister inside a metal outer. We use a plastic bin liner to keep the waste neatly contained. When the time comes to empty the bin, sometimes the liner is hard to remove because the liner forms a seal round the inner circumference of… Continue reading A better kitchen bin

HTML in WordPress

I have been writing HTML, by hand – as that was the only way you could write when it first came out, ever since it was invented. Before that I had been using the DEC format program and IBM GML for some time, so the concept of a markup language was familiar.As my previous web… Continue reading HTML in WordPress

The Paladyn Blog

Welcome to The Paladyn Blog. There will not bs specific focus for this blog, but I will cover topics like Free Software, Standards, Science, Economics, Books I have found interesting, and anything else which is on my mind at the time.