Robert Harden Champion – Sweet success

This is a work in progress – posted before it is complete to share some of the information I have. Robert Harden Champion, my Great-great-grandfather, was born at Berrow in January 1845, eldest son of James Harden Champion (1821-1895) and Jane Hawkings (1820-1884). He married Ellen Horseman (1845-1926) at St Barnabas, Bristol in 1868, and… Continue reading Robert Harden Champion – Sweet success

Dynastic Unions

There are several cases in my family history of siblings from one family marrying into their in-law’s families. In the days of large families, and no Internet Dating it made sense, and presumably the elders of both families approved. In some cases it might throw some light on how some of the couples met. This… Continue reading Dynastic Unions

A visit from Parson Pobjoy

Margaret Box, my Great-aunt, trained as a nurse, and joined the Scottish Women’s Hospitals, towards the end of the First World War, working primary in what was at the time Serbia. By March 1919 she and other nurses and doctors were working in a hospital in Sarajevo, which had been converted from a school to… Continue reading A visit from Parson Pobjoy

A parcel and a party

Margaret Ada Box, my Great Aunt, wrote many letters home during her time as a nurse in Serbia with the Scottish Women’s Hospitals during and after the First World War. By the time this letter was written the war had ended and the nurses, doctors and other women of the unit were thinking about their… Continue reading A parcel and a party