How is the Yabbing going ?

My Great Aunt Margaret Box went to what was then Serbia as a nurse with the Scottish Women’s Hospitals in 1918. By January 1919 the fighting has been over for some time and the Spanish Flu, which had been one of the main causes of hospitalisation amongst people and soldiers was on the wane. Here… Continue reading How is the Yabbing going ?

Jeremy Lines

My father’s brother, Jeremy was a yacht designer and builder, as well as doing quite a lot of sailing. This article is has some random snippets about him, which do not fit anywhere else. Apprentice Boat Builder Jeremy did a 5 year apprenticeship at Vospers from 1947 to 1952, working mainly on Minesweepers. He followed… Continue reading Jeremy Lines

Parcels and Tartan Ties

My Great Aunt, Margaret Box was a nurse with the Elsie Inglis Unit of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals, one of a group of indomitable women who went out to give medical help during the First World War. Margaret travelled to Salonica and Serbia with the unit, and in January 1919 she was working in the… Continue reading Parcels and Tartan Ties

The Box, Braund and Peardon Families

My main purpose in writing the family history bits of this blog was to make the treasure trove of letters and other documents I inherited more widely available. These included Letters written before and during World War One, by my Grandfather, George Edward Lines Letters and diaries written by my Great Aunt, Margaret Box from… Continue reading The Box, Braund and Peardon Families

Edith Lines and James Rae

One of my Grandfather‘s sisters, Edith, known in the family as Dee, married James Rae on the 6th of July 1916. He was a civil servant who rose to Under-secretary to the Treasury, and his papers are in the National Archives, though not digitised. He was made a Knight Commander of the Order of the… Continue reading Edith Lines and James Rae

Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? is a book by Michael Sandel. It deals with some of the philosophical thoughts on justice, such as utilitarianism and libertarianism, and links them to real life issues (mostly American). As with my other Book Reviews, this is partly a guide to what is in the book, and… Continue reading Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?