The Other Lines Brothers

Most of my family history posts are based on items of information I have inherited, which is not found elsewhere, but sometimes it is handy to have a place to describe significant people who do not have a post of their own. My Grandfather, George Edward Lines had three brothers, who also went on to make a name for themselves, and this is about them (and their sisters), all children of Joseph Lines and Jane Fitzhenry.

Note that this is very much a draft at present

The other brothers

The other brothers went on to form Lines Brothers, which used the trademark Triang Toys (three Lines make a triangle).

William Joseph Lines (1879-1963)

Walter Lines (1882-1972)

Arthur Edwin Lines (1892-1962)

The sisters

For lack of a better place, I will cover the basics of my Grandfather’s sisters here too.

Edith Lines (1880-1957)

Married James Rae (1879 – 1957) on 6th July 1916, at St Olaves.

Rosa Lines (1885-1889)

She died, aged 4

Mary Lines (1884-1958)

Married Ralph Freeman (1880 – 1950) on 14th July 1908, at St Olaves.

Winifred Lines (1890-1983)

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