George Edward Lines

George Edward Lines was my Grandfather. He was the son of Joseph Lines and Jane (née Fitzhenry).
A poetic summary of his life can be found in ‘Ode to a Nonagenarian
He was  a prolific letter writer, and I have inherited some of the ones he wrote, which I have used to piece together some of his life story.
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He was born in Islington (OSM) on 28th January 1888.
Before the war he went to Germany looking for work there.

His Official War record shows the documented history of his recruitment, wounding in action and being awarded the Military Cross.
His letters written during the war show the more personal side.

He married Doris Joan Stevens, my Grandmother, on the 19th August 1922.
After the war he farmed at Grove Farm, Box (OSM) for a while, until the Depression and his father’s need for his help with the family business sent him back to London.
After the death of his father he worked for Lines Brothers, the toy company founded by his brothers, until he retired.
They were living on Anne Boleyns Walk, Cheam, Surrey (OSM) in 1932,  when Tim was born.

The Cottage,
55, Anne Boleyn's Walk,
Cheam, Surrey
 Tel. Sutton 3081

They moved into  Pickwick, Warren Drive, Kingswood, Surrey (OSM) in 1935 – they had it built – and were still living there in1957.

5 thoughts on “George Edward Lines”

  1. Hi John,
    I’m trying to trace back my family tree. I am Jennifer Lines and I was born in Bristol in 1986, my father is Michael Lines also born in Bristol in 1953 and his dad was also a Michael John Lines born in Bristol around 1920. Struggling to find much about the lines family aside from the Lines Brothers but not sure how we relate!
    Anyway, Hello from a fellow Lines!

    1. It is always interesting to hear from another Lines. My Grandparents may have met in Bristol, though I am not sure exactly how. I believe it may have been through Arnold Freeman, as I recently came across a letter mentioning this. The Freeman’s certainly had both London and Bristol connections, and Ralph Freeman married Mary Lines, my Grandfather’s sister, so this seems quite possible.

  2. Hi John
    I am Bob Lines, the son of Peter who was George’s nephew (Arthur’s son). My Father always spoke very fondly of your Grandfather and Grandmother and did leave me with some amusing stories of them. I have completed a lot of family history and have many documents from Joseph, William, Bill and George – I also have some additional photos of your Grandfather from the earlier times and more information on George. I would love to share this information.

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