Margaret Box leaving from Southampton

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My Great Aunt, Margaret Box, went nursing in Serbia 1918-19, towards the end of the First World War. This post is an index of the letters she wrote home and other documents related to her travels. On 17th September 1918 she set sail from Southampton, heading for France at the start of her journey.




My dear Mother

We had a very comfortable journey down in the train & had to come on board straight away. We start this evening & reach Paris some time tomorrow.

One of our party has got to stay the night in Southampton as her passport has not arrived, so the 4 of us are going on together – we expect she will join us in Paris the next day.

We have just had a good “supper tea” & are fixing up our night quarters.

Three of our party have been abroad a good deal & know all about it so we are getting on fine.

I hope you all got back all right – we did have a fine family gathering didn’t we !

The ‘S.W.H’ in Kahki is a transport driver going to Salonica – the tall girl is an Orderly going to ‘somewhere in France’ & the other 2 are Staff Nurses going to Salonica. Miss Danby has not turned up.

We are all very excited & enjoying ourselves fine, the others are all very nice.

I will write again the other side.

Very best love to all –

Your loving Daughter



I assume a picture should go with this, but I have not found it.

Miss Danby is probably

DANBY Miss Gertrude Elizabeth, Sanitary Orderly London 25-Sep-18 1-Sep-19

From S.W.H. names

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