George Edward Lines – Pictures

I have some pictures of my Grandfather, George Edward Lines, taken by my cousin some years ago, from pictures in a family album. I hope to add more information about who is in them as I work it out.

Lines Family
The Lines family.

My Grandfather was one of four brothers and four sisters. I believe the distinguished gentlemen in the centre is my Great Grandfather Joseph Lines. His sons were:

  • William – born 1879
  • Walter – born 1882
  • George – born 1888
  • Arthur – born 1892

His daughters were

  • Edith – born 1880
  • Mary – born 1883
  • Rosa – born 1885
  • Winifred – born 1890

My Grandfather, George Lines is in the centre, possibly with his father Joseph behind to the right, and his possibly his uncle George to the left
My Grandfather on the right again, with my Grandmother on the left.
My Grandfather and Great Grandfather.


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