Famous Freemans

My Great Aunt, Mary Lines, daughter of Joseph Lines, married Ralph Freeman at St Olave, Stoke Newington, Hackney, on the 14th of July 1908.Ralf Freeman’s father, George James Freeman died on 6th of April 1908, shortly before the wedding. George James Freeman (~1853 – 1908) George James Freeman, born about 1853, was the son of… Continue reading Famous Freemans

John Robert Box

John Robert Box was my Great Grandfather. He was Born on 17 August 1849 at  21, Upper Charles St, Clerkenwell, and died Died on 17 June 1926 at Lynwood, Emsworth , Hampshire aged  76. School He went to Highgate School, which was known in those days as Roger Cholmeley School, after is founder, Sir Roger Cholmeley. He was a pupil from… Continue reading John Robert Box

Joseph Lines

Jane (nee Fitzhenry) andJoseph Llines

Joseph Lines was my Great Grandfather. He formed the company G&J Lines with his brother George. They primarily made rocking horses.He attended St Andrews School, Camden, starting, aged 7, on October 1855. His Disposition and Attitude was shown, when admitted as ‘Can read a little’. He was admitted into the 5th class.. At the time… Continue reading Joseph Lines

Letter from George Lines, 11th February 1915, from The Bury, Chesham

This is a letter from my Grandfather, George Edward Lines, written on the 11th of February 1915.  I am gradually scanning and transcribing his letters, and will add notes as I find more information. For context you can see his Official War Record. This will come between his being commissioned in December 1914 and his… Continue reading Letter from George Lines, 11th February 1915, from The Bury, Chesham

HTML in WordPress

I have been writing HTML, by hand – as that was the only way you could write when it first came out, ever since it was invented. Before that I had been using the DEC format program and IBM GML for some time, so the concept of a markup language was familiar.As my previous web… Continue reading HTML in WordPress