Michael, Roger and Tim write to Anne Boleyn's Walk.

In this letter my Uncle Michael, my father, Roger and my Uncle Tim (who must have been quite young at the time, write to their mother (my Grandmother) at Anne Boleyn’s Walk. My Uncle Jeremy was with my Grandmother. They could have been writing to, or from Anne Boleyn’s Walk.

The letters are on a single sheet of paper, with Michael writing on one side, and Roger and Tim sharing the other side.

The Cottage

55, Anne Boleyn’s Walk

Cheam, Surrey

Tel: Sutton 3081

Dear Mummy,

What have you been doing ?

Did you go the the zoo like you said you might in your letter ?

You wouldn’t say the weather was too nice if you were here ! Always raining when we’re outside !

Daddy has had my bike mended and the brakes are so good that I’m sure I shall go over the handlebars by putting them on too fast “

It has been quite good at school and very easy.

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of love for Jeremy and you

From Michael xxx


and from Roger

Dear mummy I liked the first day at school I have easy homework the only had 1 difficult word and that was active love from Roger.

From Tim

LOVE and

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